True Noir Social Media

I set up and managed the social media accounts for True Noir, a blog about true crime and unresolved mysteries, from June 2016 through December 2018. During this time, I also formulated the written content, subject matter, and release schedule for all of the blog’s posts on Twitter and Facebook. Many posts featured original graphics which where designed using only Canva and/or Microsoft Paint.

Ultimately, True Noir amassed 425 followers on Twitter, 177 Facebook followers, 48 followers on Wordpress, and 92 e-mail subscribers. The blog’s following on Twitter was particularly active/interested, and, writing as True Noir, I posted over 1,100 tweets throughout the two year period.

Though the above metrics are very humble from a ‘big business’ standpoint, True Noir was started on a whim as a personal blog/writing project (that I doubted anyone would ever read).

Not a single dime was spent on ads or marketing. Like any true passion project, True Noir had a budget of $0. However, followers still found [and liked] the blog organically and very regularly. The blog was primarily found by readers through social media posts, Google searches, Reddit posts, and word of mouth.

Though currently inactive, True Noir, and all of its social media accounts, posts, and articles remain publicly viewable at the following locations: Website | Twitter | Facebook.

Cover Photo for the True Noir Facebook Page

True Noir Facebook.png