Article : Why Does Queen City Content Use Squarespace?

We could painstakingly write up all the HTML coding for your website from scratch…

But, it’d take a lot longer and we’d have to charge more. And, afterwards, if you needed to make any change whatsoever, no matter how minuscule, you’d have to pay a small fortune just to update the HTML code for your site.

But, with the growth of companies like Squarespace, nothing in the above paragraph really applies to websites anymore! After Queen City Content fully customizes your site to your liking, but before we finalize all of the content, verbiage, and go live for all to see, we will schedule a sit-down exit tutorial with you.

During this quick tutorial, we’ll teach you the basics and show you how to easily edit, update, and maintain your new website. You may still need us for BIG sweeping changes. But, in general, after a website is fully set up, even the most computer-illiterate individual would be able to make any necessary edits using Squarespace.

A few of the benefits that we believe make Squarespace an indispensable web design tool are listed below:

  • Squarespace provides easy domain name registration as well as website hosting plans at very affordable price points.

  • Reliable and responsive 24/7 customer support is available for all websites hosted on Squarespace.

  • Squarespace provides a wide range of functional and well-supported site templates which can be fully customized to the specific needs and aesthetic preferences of clients.

  • Using a template, instead of creating HTML coding from scratch, makes the site development process SO much faster!

  • There are more formats, menus, features and options available to Squarespace customers, which may have otherwise been limited by a website developer’s coding capabilities and timeframe.

  • Ease of editing the site content allows users to keep their online presence consistently updated.

In summary, Squarespace is just another tool that Queen City Content uses to provide clients with professional, ready-to-use, and easy-to-edit websites. It allows us to offer complete website creation quickly and affordably.


Why would a website development company use the kind of site that is putting website developers out of business? Aren’t they a formidable competitor to website developers everywhere!?

Eh, in Queen City Content’s opinion, not really.

First of all, Queen City Content is a lover, not a hater- we’re more of a “if you can’t beat um, join um” mentality. But, most importantly, we unabashedly use Squarespace, because it’s what’s best for our clients.

Most of Queen City Content’s clientele are successful company owners or managers, and as such, they are busy. Most of our clients don’t know how to best utilize the range of features and the full functionality afforded by Squarespace, and they don’t really have the time or desire to learn. They don’t know too much, if anything, about web design, digital marketing strategy, and/or effective SEO. They just want to get back to focusing on their customers and running their business.

Squarespace may make it easier for the average digital native to create websites, but there is still a definite learning curve for new users. It takes time to familiarize yourself with their program.

Also, the vast majority of our clients seem to really loathe writing. And, though Squarespace has some real benefits, they won’t write mission statements, bios, company histories, service descriptions, or do painstaking research in order to use the best search engine optimization (SEO) keywords for your industry.

We’re convinced that you’ll still find us indispensable to the entire process.

But, if Squarespace does make it easier for you to create your company’s website, then that’s fantastic- good for you! Go ahead with your bad self, dude! You probably didn’t need Queen City Content to make your page anyways, and that’s okay too.